Our 'bent group's more active than most, I would guess;
There's two or three rides ev'ry month, with no less
Than ten people riding, three dozen at times,
Although some prefer shorter rides with no climbs.
We miss all our regulars when they don't ride,
But some more than others, I have to confide.

One's very outspoken, and quite unabashed
When speaking to strangers; although none have crashed
In shock at her comments, I have to believe
It took all their skill not to bobble and weave.
But Christy is Christy, and I'm always glad
To see her; her absence makes most of us sad.

Why Christy can't roll? There are reasons, of course...
But also excuses – a true tour de force:
Garage sales or weddings, or she's out of town;
She's got tendonitis, or maybe come down
With SARS, influenza or other disease...
Alarm clock malfunction or lost socks – oh please!

She may have forgotten to check her email,
Or can't find our website; there's always some tale
Of tragic misfortune or mishap, except
When grand opportunities sprang up and swept
Her off with the promise of fame and renown;
She'll ride with us later once she's come back down.

She stayed up late dancing; this morning she's beat.
Her grandson's too cranky – oh, wait... that was Pete!
She has to go surfing with Dad or he'll pout;
Her sandals don't fit right (a flare-up of gout)...
Oops, no, that was... somebody else, can't think who...
It may have been someone named Jim, maybe you...

She needs to stay home and rebuild some bizarre,
Amphibious sculpture (like some kinky car
That's powered by pedals) she'll race through deep sand;
Or she'll be rehearsing with some local band...
No, no – that was some other bimbo, I think;
With Christy, more likely, her bike's on the blink.

Some misunderstanding – she can't find the start...
Hold on... maybe that was some whiskered old fart
Who got in a hurry, and just couldn't wait
To boot his computer, afraid he'd be late...
Well, now that I'm thinking about this, I guess
Though Christy is special, I have to confess:

We've all made excuses for why we can't ride
Around with our buddies, and some even lied –
The white kind, of course, like a small harmless fib –
While sloughing our duty, asocial and glib,
To much more dependable folks who will miss
Those riders not present – gone down the abyss?

Ignoring the longings of lonely 'bent friends
Is NOT recommended, although it depends
On just how you feel about what we might say
As we speculate what you're up to that day.
You may not be mentioned, but I have a hunch
That you'll be a topic for gossip at brunch!

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