COVID-19 has come to town
And our society's shut down
By mayors, governors and such
With rules that seem a bit too much.
They claim these 'laws' are based on science,
And threaten jail time for defiance.
Weren't overcrowded jails ID'd
As 'Hot Spots' where these damned germs breed?

Well anyway, I think their claim
To follow science or big name,
Small minded bozos on TV
Don't stand up to strong scrutiny.
They tell us big box stores are fine,
And we can guzzle beer and wine
In bars until the stroke of ten,
Then it's infectious – Come again?

Some say raw vegetables and meat
Are foodstuffs which we mustn't eat
Since tiny viruses can hide
And then attack you from inside.
They make us buy fast food in cars,
And lock down self-serve soda bars.
If this crap lasts until next year,
They'll outlaw tofu too, I fear!

It's criminal – a venal sin? –
For anyone to venture in
To churches, mosques or synagogues.
A guy who cycles, skates or jogs
Must wear a mask – and gasp for breath.
Then if he dies, it's one more death
From COVID, earning, some will swear,
That bonus paid by Medicare.

Does contact tracing really show
Meals on a cafe patio
Are worse than buying food at Von's?
And why did they close public johns?
I doubt they have the data, guys,
To prove to us that it's unwise
To piddle in a park restroom
Because it's apt to be your doom.

Like some of you folks, I suppose,
I've had a long swab up my nose
That may have even probed my brain;
I'd rather not do that again!
Although I passed that COVID test,
This viral shedding might infest
A testee later on that day,
So was it worth it anyway?

I hope, of course, we all stay well,
And some day soon this bug from HELL
Becomes a part of history
And doesn't threaten you or me
When we convene to ride our bikes,
Which each of us in this group likes.
Until then, folks, let's all take care,
But please, please do this if you dare:

Come join with friends and have some fun
While riding in warm Autumn sun.

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Last updated 1/11/2022