On the alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent newsgroup at Usenet (aka ARBR) during the summer of 2005, its most persistently peevish persona (aka TROLL) announced that it was also about to become the newsgroup's most prolific poster of record. My response in rhyme:

I read this thread and had to smile;
The TROLL has pumped out quite a pile.

But like those wheat farms on its plain,
There's way more stems and grass than grain.
On midwest farms at threshing time,
A ton of straw ain't worth a dime.

No one's impressed if some guy talks
About the number of his stalks;
The bottom line is how much wheat
There is that folks might want to eat.

I read this thread and had to laugh –
Too little wheat, way too much chaff.

If all that chaff's made into hay,
It's just a single step away
From being – like this TROLL's vain words –
Huge steaming piles of bovine turds.

More TROLLish posts? No, let's have fewer!
This newsgroup's deep in steer manure.
The heap's immense; the odor's rank,
With most produced by one old crank.

I read this thread and had to howl;
The TROLL's still out there, on the prowl.

But there's a consolation, guys,
The TROLL (who frankly isn't wise)
Quite often STOMPS (as all TROLLS do)
In its own pile of fresh poo-poo.

Poetic justice – so it goes...
As feces squishes twixt its toes,
This TROLL with reddened face, brown feet,
Has found its place – sweets for the sweet!

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