In one of its finer moments (at least from the standpoint of simple honesty) the TROLL admitted last November (2006):

     > You confuse your pitiful facts with argument. They are two different
     > things entirely. I can have all my facts wrong and still win an argument.

The TROLL thinks repeating its lies gives them 'legs';
Like chickens who try to rehatch rotten eggs,
The TROLL's doomed to failure before it begins.
Forgetting the past is one more of its sins.

The problem this TROLL has? Assuming it sees,
And even more rashly assuming it reads,
The truths others post here... they list its misdeeds,
Refute its brash bragging, expose all its lies,
And very emphatic'ly prove it's not wise.

The TROLL must forget them in roughly a day;
Regurging the same tired old crap that won't play,
Won't fool any new folks the next time around.
Its logic is faulty; its mind isn't sound.
The TROLL thinks its own sound and fury mean more
Than straight, simple fact, which it tries to ignore.

Should someone respond ev'rytime the TROLL tries
To dredge up the same old debunked pack of lies?
I think ARBR readers are smarter than TROLLS,
With much better memories, lacking those holes
That TROLLS have in their feeble, failing old minds
(Which may be located in lazy behinds).

I'm happy to leave it at that for a while,
But please, folks, remember to snicker or smile
When you see another ten posts from the TROLL,
Denying, demeaning, defiling its soul,
Retelling its same stupid lies once again.
The TROLL's found its niche; it's a worm among men!

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Last updated Jan 13 2007