Quoth the TROLL, full of pee-pee and vinegar (aka Limpid Celery Red Nose wine):

     >Unfortunately for Wayne... I DO [NOT!] know how to
     >read [- period!] I merely glance at what he has
     >written and [imagining] the magic words, I go into
     >my spiel. [Edited for honesty]

The TROLL's "magic words" (like chit, asp, peas and fudge)
Don't come from my poems. That dark, slimy sludge
That fills its own mind is the most likely source;
It's own posts are often a rare tour de force
Of pointless referrals to things of that sort.
The TROLL thinks rude writing is wonderful sport,
Till tables are turned and the TROLL is the butt
Of posts more amusing – with much milder smut –
And then it's offended, it says, but it lies!
This TROLL is a demon, the Lord of the Flies.

It isn't a saint, it's the foulest of foul,
A potty-mouthed ogre who'll snarl, howl and growl,
Repeating rehearsed, formulaic insults
Like someone brainwashed by demonical cults.
It never says anything funny or new;
Monotonous, dull repetition – that you
Have read maybe dozens of times if you cared –
Is all the TROLL writes, and I hope you've been spared.
If not, folks, it isn't too late to avoid
The TROLL's future posts; you'll be much less annoyed
If you'll just delete ev'ry message you get
From TROLLS and their puppets. Let's take back the net!

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Last updated Jan 13 2007