As we were riding past St. John's,
Past Wal-Mart, Krispy Kreme and Von's,
We met a lot of folks who smiled –
Teenagers, adults, every child.

They smiled because of what we rode;
We traveled in the three-wheeled mode –
Two wheels in front, somewhat carlike,
The rear a kid-sized mountain bike.
It's funny how one extra wheel
Can change the way that people feel.
They'd barely notice us on bikes,
But they all stare at our new trikes.

Some folks are much too shy to talk,
But others yell out as they walk –
"What is it called?" they want to know,
Or "Just how fast can that thing go?"
"They're called recumbent HPVs,
Tricycles, tadpoles if you please;
You sit back, pedal, smile and go,
Then cruise along just flying low."

Nobody feels like he's a fool
When he shouts out, "Hey, those are cool!"
Is it because they're looking down
That makes it very hard to frown?
Or is it that our trikes are strange?
They hint of eco-friendly change?
Because we're sitting quite at ease,
And seem to need no expertise?

Well, something makes these people grin
And think they'd like to take a spin.
And whether folks are shy or brave,
They smile as we ride past and wave.
Our trikes appeal to girls and guys;
You see the twinkle in their eyes.
I wonder if they smile because
Of memories of Santa Claus.

Perhaps our little low slung toys
Remind grown men of being boys.
For most young kids a trike's big news,
The first fun tool he learns to use,
To feel that sense, unique to man,
Of how machines fit in the plan –
Removing limits, leaving floors
To go explore the great outdoors.

We learn to run when we're so small
We don't know what it means at all,
But by the time we learn to ride,
Our brains record that burst of pride.
When someone sees us cruising by,
He may remember that old high,
When trikes meant newfound freedom, speed –
One's very own new, shiny steed.

But hey, whatever makes folks feel
Some magic in that extra wheel,
It makes each ride we take more fun,
Not just for us, but everyone.

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Last updated Oct 6 2004