Trikes Are...

Trikes are treasures, three-wheeled pleasures,
Trikes are wonderful machines.
Trikes are charming, quite disarming,
Catching eyes and stealing scenes.

Trikes are healthy, almost stealthy,
Giving some folks back their wings.
Trikes are sneaky, sort of geeky,
But they're very useful things.

Trikes are human powered, zoomin'
With no need for wires or pipes.
Trikes – commuting, non-polluting –
Trikes appeal to eco-types.

Trikes are tricky, very sticky
When the roads are slick with ice.
Trikes are stable, very able.
In the winter, trikes are nice.

Trikes are steady, always ready
For the steepest, slowest hill.
Trikes are solid, almost stolid,
Even when they're standing still.

Trikes are speedy if you're greedy
To be fastest down the grades.
Trikes are aero, low and narrow,
Slicing wind like razor blades.

Trikes are tempting, not exempting
That they cost a lot of jack.
Trikes are pricy, but so spicy
No one ever sends one back.

Trikes are beauty, freedom, duty,
But when all is said and done,
Trikes are real – rubber, steel –
Trikes are mostly lots of FUN!

Last updated Mar 29 2008