Four times a year long gaps appear in our ride agenda.
These fortnights-plus-a-week for us necessitate addenda
Of new events designed for 'bents which otherwise sit idle.
To fill those holes so lonely souls avoid dark (suicidal?),
Depressing thought while overwrought with yearning, distraught feeling,
A few (or more) of us implore the rest to go three-wheeling
(Or lacking trikes, to ride their bikes, recumbent or more normal)
In smallish groups on 'pickup' loops – impromptu and informal.

Last week again a few fine men and four quite lovely ladies
Returned to ride the countryside that sometimes seems like Hades,
But Saturday I have to say the weather gods of Saugus
Were more than kind, quite disinclined with Hellish heat to dog us.
Low Winter sun was nicely done; the winds were barely breezy.
Long miles of trail let smiles prevail, although... some hills weren't easy.
But as you know, she who would go down swooping switchbacks, speeding,
Must be coerced to climb up first, despite her whiny pleading.


VCRR awards a star (of gold foil, inexpensive)
To Twain (Wayne Klein) for route design both thorough and extensive.
This small reward for work so hard quite clearly isn't fitting,
But all Twain asks for well-done tasks is some of us transmitting
Not notes from banks, just simple thanks; if you enjoy paseos
With Google maps dropped in your laps, improved from Galileo's,
I can't insist that he be kissed, but do please let Twain know it.
Say "Thanks!" to him, plus Joe and Jim; you needn't be a poet.

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Last updated 2/19/2011